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“Because ovens are engineered to break right before Thanksgiving, I was worried when mine started spewing gas I wouldn’t be able to get it fixed before I had 15 people over to eat turkey, preferably cooked to 165 degrees.  After a terrible experience at JP Appliance, I turned to yelp and a friend’s recommendation, and on Monday before Thanksgiving, they agreed to come out the day before Turkey Day. Unlike a previous reviewer, I had no problem reaching the office, both when I made my appointment, and to confirm the time two days later.  

While the tech was late, when he showed up, Sal (a self-proclaimed “pawn” to the Appliance King) was friendly, knowledgeable, and liked my dog (it weirds me out when techs don’t love my tiny).  Clearly been working on appliances for decades, he had no problems fixing what JP Appliance couldn’t fix, reconnecting the gas line and replaced the ignitor.  Sal answered all my partner’s unnecessary questions, fixed everything, checked it, and gave us lots of helpful advice and feedback.   He also checked our microwave and the rest of the oven for free.  He honored the Yelp 10% discount, and charged us HALF of what JP Appliance wanted.

Thanksgiving was saved, and Appliance King’s magnet is a permanent addition to our fridge for the next time we need it!”

- Cheryl B


“I called Appliance King and they were at my place within 30 minutes to fix my Fridge, and I called at 6pm. It’s an old fridge, but they quickly diagnosed the problem and they had the part ( a motor ) on the truck. While they were there, they fixed my stove too. Again, part was on the truck. This is a family run business who take pride in the good work they do. I will call them again in the future.”

- Eric


“My Sub Zero refrigerator lost all power and my food started to spoil! Called the appliance king, they arrived, took a quick look at the fridge, went out to the truck, got a spare part, put it in my Sub Z and saved my food from spoiling!!! I would definitely suggest these guys for any appliance repair.”

- Bob


“Here’s the deal. I was a bit scared that they would tell me one price and then run into “problems” while they were fixing my dryer and then raise their price. This didn’t happen. The tech wrote me a price before he fixed my dryer and that was the price in the end. He said even if they ran into a problem and it cost more, what he originally wrote would still be the price. Good, friendly service. I definitely suggest using the Appliance King.”

- Ryan M.



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