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Repair Tips

Our monthly Tips from the King should help keep your appliances up and running! Should you need a Chicago appliance repair, give The Appliance King a call!

February 2016 Repair Tip:

To keep your dishwasher working longer, run it every other week, even if empty.

January 2016 Repair Tip:

If you have a pet that sheds copious amounts of hair, be sure to have an appliance repairmen visit your home and inspect your refrigerator. Refrigerators have a fan that can gather up pet hair forcing the refrigerator to use more energy and unwanted expense.

December 2015 Repair Tip:

Did you know that heavy liquids placed on your fridge door should be near the hinge to prolong your hinges. Average hinge repair savings: $160.00!

November 2015 Repair Tip:

A Tip from the King: Stay near the microwave when cooking popcorn as popcorn can scorch and catch fire quickly in a high powered microwave!

October 2015 Repair Tip:

A Tip from the King: Keep your oven door seal clean. A leaky seal can lead to higher energy costs, and also a sweltering kitchen and home!

September 2015 Repair Tip:

A Tip from the King: When you see food bubbling over in your oven, sprinkle salt on it while the oven is still hot for easy cleaning!

August 2015 Repair Tip:

A Tip from the King: Always wash and dry dark clothes inside out to reduce lint that might form on clothes.

July 2015 Repair Tip:

Did you know that if you want more juice from a lemon, lime or other citrus fruit, just put it in the microwave on high for 30 seconds!

June 2015 Repair Tip:

A Tip from the King: To maintain your refrigerator’s efficiency on hot days, allow hot foods to cool before placing them in the fridge.

May 2015 Repair Tip:

A Tip from the King: Grease splatters and food matter in your microwave heat up and can ruin the protective lining, ending your microwave’s life. Be sure to clean your microwave regularly to save money on future repairs.

April 2015 Repair Tip:

A Tip from the King: Too much fabric softener can build up over time, affecting your dryer’s longevity. Be sure to use the proper amount!

March 2015 Repair Tip:

A Tip from the King: Your washer/dryer can develop a film of mildew and mold, making you and your family sick? Clean your washer/dryer once a month!

February 2015 Repair Tip:

A Tip from the King: Your oven loses 25 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit each time you open the door, so open it as little as possible!

January 2015 Repair Tip:

5 Warning Sign That it’s Time to Clean Your Dryer Vent:

December 2014 Repair Tip:

What to do when you spill oil in the oven:

November 2014 Repair Tip:

A reminder from The King: Always remember to clean the lint trap in your dryer! Lint buildup causes over 15,000 fires a year!

October 2014 Repair Tip:

Today is the day to finally clean the refrigerator! Check out this helpful link with tips on cleaning your fridge: 

September 2014 Repair Tip:

Two helpful videos:

Here are some clever tricks for cleaning up around the house, including grease stains on appliances! 

Here’s a clever idea for cleaning your disposal: Lemon Vinegar Ice Cubs:

August 2013 Repair Tip:

A tip from the King: Dryers cause over 15,000 fires a year because of lint buildup! Keep your dryer clean to keep your home safe!

July 2014 Repair Tip:

Shut your fridge door on a piece of paper. If you can pull the paper out easily, the fridge is leaking air and costing you money on energy!

June 2014 Repair Tip:

Unless there are oily stains, washing your clothes in cold water will generally do the trick and also save $$$ on energy!

May 2014 Repair Tip:

A Tip from the King: Warm weather may strain your refrigerator to keep cold. Be sure to defrost your freezer for maximum efficiency!

April 2014 Repair Tip:

Watch this poor washer be completely destroyed in just 3 short minutes. The King says don’t try this at home! 

March 2014 Repair Tip:

From the King: Be sure to clean splatters and debris from your microwave. If not cleaned, these splatters can eat away at the lining!

February 2014 Repair Tip:

From Consumer Reports: A Mini Refrigerator Can Max Out Your Utility Bill: 

January 2014 Repair Tip:

Does your kitchen sink have a foul odor? Your garbage disposal may be to blame. The Appliance King can help! 

December 2013 Repair Tip:

Warm weather can strain your refrigerator to keep cold. Be sure to defrost your freezer to maximize efficiency!

November 2013 Repair Tip:

To keep a garbage disposal‘s blades sharp, run 30 ice cubes down the disposal while running water about once a week.

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